Beginning its journey in 2006 with an experienced team who has 15 years of sector experience, Emire Textile has analyzed the needs of the sector well with its modern perspective and different design line and started to make special productions on company basis by reaching different masses in a short time.

Having sales volume in Turkey and many points in the world thanks to the success it gained through beach wear, casual wear and sportswear production, Emire Textile has 1 million production capacity annually together with its own production lines and its domestic suppliers.

Emire Textile has become a leading company in the sector with its staff who are sensitive to customer requests and can respond quickly to needs. In addition to being the country’s best-selling company in its category with the brand Marina, Emire Textile is a Class-A supplier that compensates the production of leading companies in Turkey.

It exports to many countries in Europe, Asia and America and meets the product demands of large chain stores with its production line in different categories. The fact that it presents each process from the beginning of production until the shipment of the products to its customers with online software and adopts a transparent approach in production has made Emire Textile one of the most preferred manufacturers in the sector.

Emire Textile has become a trendsetter in the sector with its model, color and pattern line which were formed by the design team that closely follows fashion and the needs of the industry. Construing the quality, design and price triangle together is one of its strengths. It shows that it is always one step ahead with its distinctive design line and innovative perspective, especially in the production of hijab swimsuits, tracksuits and women’s wear.

Emire Textile, which has been based on ethical, quality and human health sensitive production since its establishment; passes its products through 12 different durability tests and uses environmentally friendly fabrics and materials in production.

Supports female employment with its female staff, who make up 80% of its employment; also it adopts an inclusive and integrative perspective as company principle.

As a result of all these approaches; it is able to provide its customers with the best service at the most affordable prices thanks to its employees with the same dedication and the ability to act quickly.

Emire Textile, whose fundamental approach is to focus on value; continues to grow, get stronger and create value for its country with new investments!

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