Half Covered Swimwear

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Half Covered Swimwear

Half covered swimwear is a swimsuit that covers more parts of the body than bikini and classic swimwear. Muslim women generally prefer this swim dress. Because one of the most important issues for Muslim women is to hide their body lines. Muslim women do not want their hair to be seen. Because this is a situation that is forbidden to women in Islam. In addition, women avoid showing their body parts such as hips, chest, arms and belly.

Burkini swimwear is a swim dress produced for these measures of Muslim women. However, these models are not only preferred by Muslim women. Because women who do not want to show their body can also prefer this modest swimwear even though they are not muslim or do not wear hijab.

Half Covered Swimsuits

Half covered swimsuits consist of a sleeveless or half sleeve tunic and a long or knee-length leggings. High quality fabric is an important detail for burkini swimwear. Because muslim women have high expectations from muslim half covered swimsuit. Half closed swimwear has hundreds of colors and models. You can add any of these models to your cart. You can take the first step for an unforgettable holiday with us.

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