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Beach Accessory

Beach accessory category is the category with many accessories. In this category, you can find products such as beach bag models, burkini accessories,  beach jewelry. A beach bag is a bag where you can put many of your needs on the beaches. These bags are a little different from ordinary bags.

Because beach bags have a simple design. It has large storage areas. Many beach bags have special sections for products such as sun lotion, perfume, and sunglasses. Thus, it is easier to find these products in case of need. Beach bags come in many varieties. For example, some beach bags are made of fabric, while others are made of rope.

Burkini Accessories

Burkini accessories are other products in this category. You can find many burkini accessories, especially bonnets, in this category. The burkini is an islamic swimming suit. Muslim women prefer to wear burkini, especially on the beaches. However, burkinis require more accessories than ordinary swimsuits.

The most needed accessory for women wearing burkini is the bonnet. Because Muslim women do not show their hair. In daily life, they cover their hair with a headscarf. However, it is not convenient to wear a headscarf on the beaches. That’s why they need bones.

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