Pareo and Kimono

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Pareo and Kimono

Pareo is also known as beach dress. They are clothes with thin fabric that are worn over bikinis and swimsuits. There are pareo models that people with different styles can wear with pleasure. You can wear asymmetrical, lace-detailed pareos. There are also long pareos designed for Islamic swimwear models. They are also known as Islamic kimono.

They are becoming more and more popular as Islamic pareo day by day. Pareos can cover the whole body or can be designed as a mini. Pareos can cover the whole body or can be designed as a mini size. You can wear pareos over both dry and wet swimwear.


Kimono is a type of clothing that has survived to the present day with its light fabric structure, vividness of colors and patterns. Kimonos are very suitable clothes to wear by the pool and by the sea. It has different options such as tulle, lace and fabric. Recently, these products, which have started to be seen frequently in women’s combinations on our site, are offered with alternatives.

These clothes, which have a special political side, have become an indispensable part of daily combinations today. Kimonos have models designed according to Islam. That’s why some Muslim women know these products as Islamic caftan.

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