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Global Modest Fashion Weeks finally arrived in Kingdom Saudi Arabia with Riyadh Modest Fashion Week 22 on December 15-16-17 at the very iconic venue of the Riyadh city, Al Faisaliah Hotel. 

The Modest Fashion Weeks known as the most prestigious event series that is dedicated to the modest fashion industry and Riyadh Modest Fashion Week will be the 8th edition after London, Dubai, Istanbul, Amsterdam and Jakarta editions since 2015.

The event theme is ‘’Roots to the Future’’ inspired by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 vision. The CEO of the global Modest Fashion Weeks Ozlem Sahin Ertas says ‘’For shaping the future, we have all the values that come from our very own roots and it is time to be the pioneers also in the fashion industry with inclusive, innovative and global approach. We aim to highlight the city of Riyadh as one of the fashion capitals of the world and we believe Saudi Arabia will be a great home for all modest fashion lovers. There are amazing designers and talents in the region and Riyadh Modest Fashion Week will be an asset for their global journey.’’

Exclusively selected 35+ designers from 20 countries will be together to celebrate the diversity of the fashion with fashionistas, industry experts and 2500+ modest fashion lovers.

Al Jazirah Vehicles as the Automotive Partner of the Riyadh Modest Fashion Week will showcase the most trending  car model ‘’All New Ford Territory’’ that is loved by the women from KSA and the region. Al Jazirah Vehicles also will make a great fashion show on the RMFW catwalk.

During 3 days Marina (Turkey), Kaine Designs (UAE), Miha (Turkey), Sultana R. (France), Sawsan Design (Palestine), Talabaya (Czhech Republic), Kisva (Kazakhstan), HK Design (Egypt), Rabail Riyaz (UAE) will make their exclusive shows with very special capsule collections.

Beside the exclusive shows parade shows also will be very interesting to see the latest modest trends all around the globe. From Middle East, The String Story, Foulard, Kaafmeem, and Blooming (KSA), Lara Ali and Lara Active (UAE), La Noor (Bahrein) shows the strong heritage of the abayas, kaftans while harmonising the trends with elegance.

Imannoor and Limonette (Turkey), Rossanabrand (Italy), Soumaya Beaudin (France), Daska (United (Kingdom), Nofadeen (USA) will have sustainable modest lines and very trending product groups in the accessories segment.

Younass Design (Nigeria), Hijab Boutique (Egypt), Lacavalierelegante (Morocco), Eiman Design (Sudan) will speak boldly with mixing the African and Middle East culture while

Innersejuk (Malaysia), Hijaberlin (Indonesia), MTM Design (Kosovo) focusing on the colours, prints and the feminine touches.

Modest fashion is a rapidly increasing industry with 474 Billion USD market size and the vision of the global Modest Fashion Weeks by Think Fashion is to be the base for the global businesses and show the appreciation of the authenticity of the modesty. Ozlem Sahin Ertas adds ‘’From D&G to Gucci, from Adidas to Zara… etc it is easy to see how the top mainstream fashion companies showing a big interest to the modest fashion market but the real question is what is the solution for empowering the all industry partners of the modest fashion including the emerging or establish modest designers, retailers, media and influencers on their global journey. ‘’

3 days of unique Riyadh Modest Fashion Week celebration will be open for everyone on December 15-16-17 with full of fashion shows experience, brand booths for shopping and the talk shows with great keynote speakers and topics. Beki Ksouri and Nasma Elgohari (KSA), Mai Mohamed and Alaa Nobel (Egypt), Kamile Assem  (UAE), Audrey Martinez (France), Dalia El Naggarr (Kuwait), Aya Barqawi (Jordan), Rasha Ibrahim (Morocco) are only some of the great inspirational names with many other 100+ selected special guests.

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