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The Unique SS23 Collections of The Riyadh Modest Fashion Show

The Riyadh Modest Fashion Show that is organized by Think Fashion marked the first time with 30+ fashion shows in the capital of Saudi Arabia.  Exclusive kaftans, abayas, scarves, swimwear collections were some of the collections that attracted RMFW22 audiences with the Spring Summer 2023. Here are some of the collection pieces we picked just for you!

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Here is one of the favorites of our editors, Rabail Riaz’s collection piece. Dubai-based fashion brand Rabail Riaz really highlighted the event theme which is o “Roots to the future” with this piece. The veil details, timeless cuts take us to an elegant journey where we see the silks and embroideries.  We loved this beautiful dress made with lots of sparkly stones and a long veil!

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Turkey-based fashion brand Marina was the only exclusive brand that prepared a swimwear collection for the Riyadh Modest Fashion Show 22. This with various colorful patterns and modest swimwear will make you look fresh and stylish without sacrificing modesty. Matched with cat eye sunglasses, you can be the one that is effortlessly stylish on every beach and seaside that you go to!

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Here is another exclusive dress from the UAE fashion brand Kaiane Designs. The details are what make this dress unique.  The yellow details and embroideries and light fringes make it look swanky. The lively and fresh base color balances the maximalist details of the dress and creates this amazing and balanced dress design. You can finish the look with soft pink makeup tones like pink lip gloss, a dried rose color eyeshadow, and a soft pink-toned highlighter!

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Kazakhistan fashion brand Kisva was also one of the exclusive designer participants of RMFW22. Creating a unique and exciting look, luxury brand Kisva fascinated RMFW22 audiences with its earthy color collection. The combination of the padded jacket and the brown color complement each other perfectly. High craftsmanship, head accessories shows the appreciation of the cultural heritage while harmonizing it with the future.

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Palestinian modest fashion brand Sawsan was one of the stars of the fashion show and amazed many RMFS22 attendees with their collections. Sawsan, the designer of this piece, really put a refined design on the show with this ‘’must have black dress’’. The embroidery details, color combination, and styling… Everything looks very harmonious. Finally, completing the look with a touch of embroidered accessories necklace and with a hat is a great detail.

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Turkish Modest brand Imannoor created an elegant and fresh collection. Multi-colored silk caftans are created with scarves in the same style and colors. This stylish look will be suitable for many occasions. Whether you’re going on a date or getting together, you’ll be effortlessly trendy. High styling taste shows the modernity and elegance in the same fashion look. Time to take the brand to your radar.


Ekran Resmi 2023 01 13 15.25.24

Lastly, the Saudi Arabian brand Foulard, shining on the podium, exhibited evening dresses in its first collection at the fashion show. The clothes, inspired by the neutral colors, patterns, and architecture of the Umayyad dynasty, were admired. This design, which consists of the harmony of cream-colored caftan and mustard color, is exactly the image that modest lovers are looking for! Foulard is one of the leading modest fashion houses that also showcased in Dubai Modest Fashion Week 17 catwalk.

Riyadh Modest Fashion Show is the 8th global edition after the London-Dubai-Istanbul-Amsterdam-Jakarta editions that is organized by the Think Fashion. Modest fashion continues its movement not only in the GCC but worldwide with a 474 Billion USD market size.

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